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Mud Hose

Mud Hose And Its Uses

The hose is a versatile piece of tubing with or without attachment fittings on the ends used to move different media from one place to another, such as liquids, gases, and often solids. Hose lengths are bulk hoses without end fittings used to make hose assemblies or for general use. The inside diameter of the hose, the actual working pressure and minimum burst pressure (measured in PSI, or pounds of force per square inch), and the component material can all be used to compare hose types. The working temperature may be an essential factor for specific applications.

Mud Hoses:

Mud hose is sometimes used on the drilling floor as a versatile link between the mud pump and the mud standpipe. It's used to move high-pressure fracking mud around. The tube and cover of a mud hose are resistant to abrasion, erosion, heat, and temperature. Furthermore, its strengthening allows it to do well in high-pressure situations. The hose has a thick wall for further durability and a magnetic wire to conduct a static electrical charge to the earth. Abrasion, fire, mild chemicals, and weathering are all immune to the cover. Deep Jyoti Rubber Pvt. Ltd. offers the best quality mud hose in the market.

The specifics of a mud hose are as follows:

Mud hoses are made up of three parts: tubing, reinforcement, and cover.Tube: synthetic rubber, primarily nitrile rubber, that is resistant to abrasion and oil. Multiple layers of high-tensile steel wire serve as reinforcement.Cover: synthetic rubber, primarily chloroprene rubber, is resistant to abrasion, ozone, wind, seawater, and oil.


The highest operating pressure of the drilling system is used to design the working pressure of the drilling hose. The drilling hose has a minimum burst pressure of 2.5 times the operating pressure. As a result, even if the pump fails, the drilling hose will not explode. The tubing of a drilling hose is made of nitrile rubber, which prevents oil-based mud from leaking out of the hose and causing hose harm during the conveying of the soil. Our drilling hose is designed with internal connectors resistant to pull-off, preventing the connectors from breaking off and injuring staff during the pressure test. And this feature significantly increases the drilling hose's pressure resistance and protection efficiency.

Deep Jyoti Rubber Pvt. Ltd. has managed to carve a niche for itself over the years in the mud hose market.


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