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Brewery and Edible Oil Food Grade Hoses

Brewery and Edible Oil Food Grade Hoses are manufactured with hygienic grade nontoxic rubber compound designed for multiple use in a Breweries for conveying wine, alcholic liquors etc. Dairy plants for carrying milk and other dairy products as also edible oil hoses or any other food stuff from one point to another.

Uniform lining of suitable rubber compound, resistant to all grades of petroleum and blended products having aromatic hydrocarbon content not more than 25%.
White, hygienic quality blend of synthetic and natural rubber free from odour, taste or toxic effect.
Rubberised Woven textile with or without helical wire as per IS : 280/78.
Blend of natural and synthetic food quality rubber compound, white or coloured, cloth, marked finish, odourless, tasteless, and free from toxic effect.
-400°F to +2000°F
Upto 18.5 meters


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